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Army wife, mom, and


  • Masters Degree in Criminal Justice Administration

  • 30 years in public policy representing higher ed, local governments, natural resources

  • Appointed by Govs. Bush and Scott to serve on several higher ed state boards, including Daytona State College

  • Local government land use project manager

  • Community and government relations for Florida’s largest foster care nonprofit

  • At legislator request, drafted studies of schools and school districts’ size to establish economies of scale

Donna Brosemer candidate Dist 4
  • Parents must NEVER AGAIN be told to ‘check [their] constitutional rights at the [school board] door’.

    • Parents must make decisions for their families in a crisis

    • Schools are not the place for social revolution regarding pronouns, bathrooms, sports, locker rooms, pornography

  • Classroom discipline -- Teachers and students need disciplined classrooms in order to teach and learn.

    • Parents need to support classroom discipline.

    • Rand Corp. studies show enforced codes of dress and conduct contribute to better discipline and higher achievement. Dress for success.


  • School safety-- Many schools are too big

    • Studies show large schools increase student frustration, isolation, alienation, disruption, violence.

    • Large schools have too many doors to secure, and teachers can’t know who belongs and who doesn’t.

    • Soft targets invite aggression. Teachers and staff should have the option to be armed, with proper training. Aggressors avoid the unknown.


  • School concurrency – School district planners

    • Must be an integral part of every local government development approval process.

    • Must ensure capacity and timing fit with projected demand.



     Carl has been on the school board for eight years. He has occupied a seat, collected a check, enhanced his       pension, and nothing has changed.

  • Schools are more chaotic than ever, requiring more law enforcement to be present every school day.

  • Proficiency rates have hovered at 50% throughout the district before and since Covid.

  • Carl cast the deciding vote to renew the contract of the school board attorney who told parents that they had to "check their constitutional rights at the door."

  • Carl went along with the rest of the board to keep Narcan out of schools, despite the fact that it was available free from the state, the schools were protected from liability under the Good Samaritan Act, and it could save the lives of students, teachers, and staff who might be unwittingly exposed to fentanyl.

  • Carl has allowed the school district to slow-walk the removal of pornographic books from the school libraries, in violation of Florida statutes that prohibit providing obscenity to minors.

It's time for fresh eyes. 

Donna Brosemer candidate Dist 4
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